What Makes Italian Leather So Special?

Italian leather is famed worldwide by many manufacturers who use leather to produce their products. But why is this so? Italian leather is the best, because obviously, it is the best quality leather there is on the market. The producers of Italian leather take a little bit more of everything into consideration. They pay close attention to the type of hides and skins they use and only the highest quality are chosen for this process. When it comes to the ingredients they use to treat the leather, Italian leather manufacturers use natural plant and vegetable extracts to turn hides and skins to the end product.

An important matter about this leather is that it is not mass produced and the reason is because it takes longer and it is longer to produce. Thus, if you own a leather product made from Italian leather, you are owning one of the rare products in the world! If you are wondering whether to purchase an Italian leather product, you certainly should!

Italian leather, apart from being quality, has some other reasons why it is the best leather there is.

  • The leather lasts a lifetime. A distinguishing factor from all the other leather in the market, it is very resilient. It is made to withstand the everyday scratches and scrapes which are often easily taken care of by a simple wipe.
  • Uniqueness. The vegetable extracts which are used during the processing of this leather make it superbly unique. The leather has perfect imperfections on the surface which give the leather an antiquity look and feel. The vegetable extract ensures that the imperfections on the leather are uniquely different thus no one leather is the same as the other.
  • Ease of maintenance. Italian leather ages magnificently giving it its unique look. Age does not affect the leather negatively and neither does dirt. In fact, it hardly catches dirt thereby eliminating the need to clean it regularly.
  • Italian leather is fashionable. If you are an ardent follower of fashion and trends, you must have seen the sophistication leather products commands. Due to its unique look, Italian leather will always be a fashion statement.

Types of Italian leather

The tanning process Italian leather goes through, makes it have a variety of outcomes. There are many types of leather to choose from; vegetable tanned, full grain, patent, chrome,… there are much more in the line. If you are looking to buy a leather product, it is prudent to at least know your options so as to get the best quality for you.

Vegetable tanned leather
It is in its natural look, this leather has not been dyed with chemicals. Instead, colouring of the leather is by natural ways like tannin. Vegetable tanned leather is friendly for persons who are allergic to chrome. This leather type is especially strong and is more water resistant.

Full grain leather
One of the thickest leather types, it can either be vegetable tanned or chrome tanned. It is in its natural state as it as the natural leather marks are still intact. It is among the toughest types of Italian leather on the market.

Top grain leather
Either vegetable tanned or chrome tanned. It is a quality type of leather though a little thinner. It is a little cheaper than the rest and it is known to be more stain resistant. It is often utilized to make small bags and purses.

Precautions to take before purchasing leather products

With all the foreknowledge of Italian leather, you are now almost ready to go on a shopping spree of Italian leather products like bags, wallets, and belts. But before you make a purchase here are some considerations that are worth knowing.

If you need a quality product, it prudent to purchase one that is slightly expensive. A good quality leather is certainly going to be a little more expensive than the rest of the leather in the market. If you want to spend a little less without compromising the quality, shop in the small unknown outlets as their prices are a bit lower.

To assess the quality of a leather product, check the stitching on it. In addition to the natural imperfections in a leather product, one of good quality usually has a neat straight stitching. In a leather bag, for instance, check the buckles and zippers.

Quality leather has a characteristic smell. If it has a foul smell or lacks one, it most probably is a poor quality leather product.

A good quality leather product always comes with at least a 2-year guarantee. Most poor quality leather products do not last a long time.

Buying leather products like bags requires foreknowledge of the product. A great sales person will also ensure you get the right value for your money. Only shop at places that are knowledgeable of the leather products they are selling.